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Who we are

We are Building a verified skilled community

Certiverify provides its members with a platform to verify its digital credentials and showcase the skillset as digital badges. Every time a member shares their digital credential as badge , it’s a meaningful brand impression. Using digital badges to recognize members for certifications and trainings helps represent your brand.

what we do

We’re here to help you with credentials.

Today, the way credentials are being awarded is changing. More and more people are opting for digital credentials because it is secure, cost-effective, and comes with a guarantee of easy verification.

Whether you’re moving from printed certificates to digital, starting from scratch, or trying to improve existing processes, Certiverify can help.

CertiVerify is a credential verification platform to verify your skill globally and trusted.

Credential verification platform to verify your skill globally

For institutions and universities, it's vital to stand out from the crowd. And in this changing world, it can be difficult to do that with the same old offerings. The digital transformation our economy has undergone in recent years, has created a huge market so they need to roll with those changes and devise ways to be relevant, timely, and up-to-date in order to compete. Because skills-based hiring is at peak levels right now, it's vital for learners to have iron-clad verification of the skills on their resumes. Simply listing that they're proficient and experienced in a certain skillset does not have the same impact as a digital verification. Hiring managers know it, and learners do, too. Digital verifications are no longer "nice-to-haves." They are must-haves.